5 Reasons Everyone Should Play the Ukulele

Doesn’t the sound of a ukulele make you happy? It’s my favorite instrument. Here are 5 reasons that everyone should play it:
1. It is uplifting. 
Everyone needs a good cheering up once in a while, and who is better for the job than a ukulele? Its light, chipper sound is sure to make you happy, especially since ukulele songs tend to be whimsical.
2. It’s adorable.
Seriously, the ukulele is the kitten of the instrument world. It’s little and makes you look cute when you play it. You know that fashion rule about smaller patterns making you look thinner? Same thing applies for smaller instruments.
3. It’s quick to learn.
Since there are less strings on a uke along with a smaller fret board, it is quicker to learn than the guitar. Additionally, there are a few major chords that are used in many popular uke songs, so you can play quite a bit of songs right off the bat.
4. It’s cheap.
You can find a ukulele on Amazon for as cheap as $30. That’s like the price of Swiffer mop. Which would you rather have, a fun ukulele or shiny floors? (Obviously, the ukulele).
5. It goes well with other fun instruments.
Have you heard someone play a kazoo while playing a ukulele? Those instruments were made for each other. Throw in a triangle and a tambourine and you and your friends have an impromptu folk band.
Seriously, go buy one. Blessings,

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