13 Ways to Be Productive on Pinterest

13 Ways to Be Productive on

Pinterest is my favorite website. It’s so fun to look at all of the amazing ideas. Pinterest is a great way to relax and spend some down time, but there are also productive advantages to the website. Here are some ways to be productive on Pinterest:

  •  Use it for meal planning: Not only are there articles on how to meal plan on Pinterest, there are so many unique and easy recipes. Most of my dinner recipes are from Pinterest. I love the pins that group a bunch of similar recipes together, like groups of slow cooker recipes or recipes using chicken. It saves me time since I’m not trying to come up with dinner recipes off the top of my head. I also don’t get stuck in a food rut since I’m finding new recipes all the time. You can also find a lot of decadent dessert ideas, yummy drinks, breakfast ideas – really any type of recipe. This is a great resource to use when planning food for a party.
  • Plan a Party: I’ve seen a lot of ideas for “Frozen” parties based on the movie. Search for any theme party and you’ll probably find a lot of fun (and probably DIY) ideas. You might even be able to find printables to make it even easier.
  • Save Money with DIY ideas: There’s no end to the DIY ideas on Pinterest. They range from cute jewelry DIYs to pallet furniture for your home. You can save a lot of money by finding DIY tutorials instead of buying things. I love the pins with DIY versions of Anthropologie or Pottery Barn items. DIYs are a fun way to personalize your home. You’ll also become more crafty and resourceful. On a related note, you can use Pinterest to get your finances in order. There are a lot of resources to help you make a budget, get out of debt, and start saving.
  • Use it to Promote Your Own Blog or Etsy store: Pinterest is a great way to get new followers for your blog. By posting pins of your new articles, people who follow you on Pinterest will see them. If your followers pin your article, their followers will see it as well and the process continues. People are also more likely to continue reading your blog if your articles are showing up on the Pinterest home page. You can also use Pinterest to promote your Etsy store by pinning your items.
  • Network through Pinterest: Follow other blogs with similar topics and connect with other businesses. Doing this can garner lots of new followers for you and help you become more known. You can also use it for your career. I see a lot of pins related to nursing and teaching. I’ve also searched for pins related to my field and found some good articles to read. It’s worth a try!
  • Follow Your Favorite Blogs: Similarly, following your favorite blogs on Pinterest keeps you easily updated on their new posts and gives you a way to save your favorite articles from their blog.
  • Get Decorating Tips: Pinterest is known for it’s decorating and organization tips. There are tips for painting your house, ways to arrange wall art, and DIY decoration ideas. There are so many pictures of furniture and houses to give you inspiration. There are also a lot of helpful tips for maximizing small spaces and decorating dorm rooms. Who needs an interior decorator when you can just look at Pinterest? While you’re at it, organize the rest of your life. Once you’re done decorating, you can organize your desk, your hall closet, or your kitchen pantry. There are a lot of ingenious ways to organize lots of areas of your life to mark everything run smoother.
  • Get Perspective with Inspiring Quotes: Sometimes you just need a paradigm change. Looking at quotes on Pinterest is a great way to alter your perspective and give you motivation.
  • Plan Your Wedding: Pinterest gave me a lot of wonderful wedding ideas. I found love quotes to use for decorations, bouquet ideas, and dress inspiration. There are a lot of fun guestbook alternatives on Pinterest and planning tips as well. Pinterest is especially perfect for planning a rustic or vintage themed wedding.
  • Life Hacks: Life hacks are awesome. They make life easier and a lot of simple ways that make a big difference. Just do a search for them on Pinterest, and you’ll find a bunch.
  • Make your Bucket List: Making your bucket list is a lot like daydreaming, but the point is to make a list of things your really want to do, and then actually go out and do them! Search “bucket list” on Pinterest and you’ll find a lot of cool ideas to add to your bucket list, like “swim with dolphins” or “learn to surf.
  • Work Out: Working out from home is a wonderful way to get fit without having to push yourself to go to the gym. You can find workout videos and charts with workout moves and reps. There’s a variety of exercises you can find on Pinterest, so you can find something that works for you. With all of the dessert recipes I pin, I am grateful for workout pins! 🙂
  • Design Your Dream Home: For a lot of us, designing a house is definitely daydreaming, but it is a reality for some. And who’s to say that we won’t eventually make enough money to get to this point? As the Gilmore Girls say, “If all else fails, you can marry rich.” There are a lot of gorgeous houses on Pinterest, and there are even some floor plans. It’s the perfect resource for design ideas. I can’t guarantee that you’ll stay within budget, though.
What’s your favorite way to use Pinterest? 

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