15 Questions I Have While Browsing Pinterest


Oh, Pinterest. What did I do before I met you and began pinning hundreds of complicated hairstyles and recipes that I’ll never make? Where would I be without the disappointment of trying these supposedly-easy hairstyles only to find out that they’re actually insanely difficult? I’ll never know.

As much as I love Pinterest, it can get pretty crazy-making. Here are some other questions I have while browsing:

  • When will mason jars go away?
  • Do I want them to go away?
  • Where do people get pallets to make headboards and tables with?
  • What will people NOT monogram?
  • Where do people get those cool ladders to hang clothes/towels on?
  • Why is it still hard to decide on a date night idea when I’ve pinned hundreds of them?
  • Where do people get old windows to put pictures on?
  • Why are all of the clothes pinned on here so expensive?
  • Wouldn’t it take like half an ink cartridge to print a printable that looks like a chalkboard?
  • Is it safe to put lemon and honey on my face as a face mask?
  • Is chevron finally going away?
  • How can one website hold so many decadent dessert recipes and health tips simultaneously?
  • Do people still think someecards are funny?
  • How many of these funny autocorrect pins are actually real?
  • Why am I still on here? Why am I justifying this by telling myself that it’s productive? I stopped looking at dinner recipes 30 minutes ago!

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