My Purpose in Writing this Blog

-You Keep Him in Perfect Peace Whose Mind

Recently, I’ve been on a search for my purpose in life. I can’t remember what exactly made me start contemplating my purpose, but I think a few college major changes had something to do with it. I desire to have meaning in my life, and I want to spend my time well. I also want to touch the lives of others and grow closer to God. I know that my purpose is found in Christ and His will for my life. I believe that He blessed me with a gift for writing, and I want to use that gift to serve others and grow closer to God. I decided to start a blog about living intentionally in Christ, which means studying His Word daily. I plan to write about what I learn from reading the Bible, and I hope that it blesses those who read it. I’m not going to worry about marketing my blog or making a brand for myself. I’m going to use my gift and let God bless others with it. I can’t wait to learn more about my Creator and my purpose, and I trust that God will speak to others through this journey.




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